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temporary channels.

self-role panels.


EmpyManager allows your users to create their own temporary channels and fully customise them by joining a room.

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Power to the Users

Allow your users to create their own temporary channels and customise them to any degree you like!

No limits

If you like so, let your users rename and edit their channels; make them private, public or hidden through quick buttons or interactions.

Let them edit channels' permissions according to your server's settings.

Full control

Allow your users to ban or kick someone from their channels, or let them allow only certain who they want inside.

Your server, your style

Control how channels are named, show the game that is being played, allow only certain users to create channels or choose what permissions they have.

Choose your server's region so that you may have your messages displayed to your language.

EmpyManager has no limit to how you can customise it.

Top Features

Temporary Channels

Allow your users to create their own temporary channels and text channels getting deleted once they leave.

Channel Counter

Shows the number of the channel, fills the gaps between rooms.

Advanced moderation

Allow your moderators to take control over the user's channels and let them see their chats to avoid infractions. Optionally enable logs to know what is going on.


Decide how channels should be named by default, decide to show the game template and the channel's counter.

Quick commands and buttons

Let your users rename their channels, choose the bitrate, the user limit, make the channel private, public or hidden through simple buttons you can disable.

Permanent Channels

Turn your temporary channels to permanent channels, saving important conversations and chats.
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