Create temporary voice and text channels for free on Discord.

No more tens of empty channels in your server.

EmpyManager will let your users create their own channels by joining a master room.
Features free text chats, full permission customization, reaction commands and much more!

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EmpyManager's Features
Create temporary channels

Your users can create channels by joining a room. They will get deleted once empty, leaving no empty channels in your server!

Linked text channels

Each temporary channel will have a (free!) temporary chat linked to it (if you want it), which only connected users can see.

Quick reaction commands

Your users will be able to edit their rooms by clicking on reactions, making them private, public, locked, unlocked and so on. You can decide whether to enable this feature or not.

Full control over your rooms

Your users can edit their room by using Discord's UI instead of silly commands.

Channel Counter (for free!)

You can show the number of the channel in its name.

Perm Customization

Choose what your users can do in their rooms: manage channel, manage roles and reaction commands.

Choose Category

Change which category channels will be created in. Choose it channel by channel.






channels created

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